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 Bets through 6 weeks of the Season

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PostSubject: Bets through 6 weeks of the Season   Tue May 14, 2013 3:12 pm

The situatuion are as of May 14, 2013

Timmy owes Luis $20; looks like Luis is going to win his division; Luis 6-0 and Anthony 1-5

Luis owes Anthony $10; Darvish has more points then Price; Darvish 248.1 and Price 135.1

Drew owes Anthony lunch; Marlins have more wins then the Astros; Marlins 11-27 .289% and Astros 10-29 .256%

Timmys owes Benitez $20; Stanton has more points then Heyward; Stanton 78 and Heyward 66
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Bets through 6 weeks of the Season
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